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A plus for the environment.

HH0 generator that produces hydrogen from water for use in the torch.

The flame of hydrogen is so sure that you can even hold the stylus by the tip. Our hydrogen blowtorch flame can reach 3,000 degrees making torches of the more powerful hydrogen from the market. Up to 30% saving of time in the work (plumbing, jeweler, Goldsmith, prosthetist, bodybuilder,... all types of welds). Gas produces water in its combustion. Perfect for keeping the purity in the melting of metals (jewelry). You can use the flame of hydrogen also for your work.

The flame of hydrogen is so sure that it is possible to hold the stylus by the tip.

Hydrogen flame can reach 3300 degrees puts the torches of hydrogen the best on the market. Up to 30% saving of time in the work (plumbing, jeweler, Goldsmith, prosthetist, bodybuilder,... all types of welds). Gas produces water in its combustion. Perfect for maintaining purity in the melting of metals (jewelry). You can use the flame of hydrogen also for your work.
Our hydrogen generators no one no gas storage, they are in immediate debit, you stopped the flame generator stop. No risk of explosion.

Cost and formula

Water (HHO) 1 litre + electricity produced 1860 litres of gas named: HHO, hydrogen.

1860 liters of gas is: 5.47 kWh X price per kWh (depending on the country) = € 0.61
The hydrogen gas can be produced only by electrolysis.

Générateur hydrogène

A hydrogen generator to weld, melt, cut, our torch works with water and manufactures its own Hydrogen with a high efficiency electrolysis process.
This generator has the power to generate Hydrogen according to the type of nozzle used; Sufficient to melt gold, silver, solder iron, stainless steel, copper, tin, bronze, ceramic, aluminum, glass ... The hydrogen flame can reach 3300 degrees.

These Hydrogen blowtorches have such a high temperature that they cut materials like a laser.
The Torch consumes approximately 0.1L of water every 12 hours. No need for a propane cylinder, oxygen or acetylene. In jewelery and precision work, hydrogen produces the best flame, is neutral and can be adjusted to a length of a few millimeters.
use in (welding) electronics, and model making you will no longer need tin. You can solder copper directly.

Just plug in and put demineralized water ...

What is a Hydrogen Torch?

Practice our torch and welder running with water, ie by a process of electrolysis of high efficiency.
This device has the power to generate from 180L / h to 1500L / h of Hydrogen (Gas); it is able to replace an oxygen acetylene torch, knowing that the hydrogen flame can reach 3300 degrees.
The torch consumes from 0,100L to 1L of water every 12 hours according to the model.
You will not need propane, oxygen or acetylene tanks.

Just plug in and put some tap water ...


Manufacturer and supplier of electrical equipment for the industries of (plumbing, heating, ironwork, jeweler, goldsmith, prosthetist, bodybuilder, pipefitter ... all types of welding and brazing)
Hydro-torch is a small company that has established itself to provide high quality manufactured products respecting all levels of the EEC by referring to an expert's advice for technical details and after sales services.

Our hydro-torch can be used for a wide variety of applications:
"· Production, repair and finishing of jewelry
"· Welding rings
"· Chain Repair
"· Polishing with the use of a flame for assembling acrylics
"· The fusion of optical fibers
"· Repairing optical bodies
"Repair or manufacture of models
"· Copper solder
"· Brazing iron and all metals.
"· Depending on the selected torch it will replace an oxygen acetylene torch


Our compact generator technology has soldering and brazing. Manufactured for several years is recognized for being reliable, safe, low cost to produce a high temperature flame between 1200-3300 ° C in an economical way. Meets all EEC standards.
The generator produces an oxygen / hydrogen gas, the characteristics of which can be changed by passing through a return unit. The booster is filled with a solution eg MEK (methyl ethyl ketone) that changes the calorific value and temperature of the gas flame to fit your particular application.
The size of the flame can be adjusted easily thanks to a simple range of nozzles, easy to change.
9 different generator models are available; the largest generators are multi-station or single station use for brazing. All generators are portable and monobloc. There is no gas bottle needed in the operation, nor gas in the machine which makes it very safe to use.
Gases from water are only produced when necessary. The hydrogen generator needs a single-phase power supply, distilled water or the MEK solution used in the booster. Special equipments
The Hydro-flame gas generator is protected by an overpressure control that is connected to a circuit breaker, and in the unlikely event of overpressure, the machine stops and automatically goes into safety.
An anti-backfire is built into the torch, to protect the operator, and also to prevent damage to the equipment. The indicators show the operational state of the machine and the overpressure conditions should this occur.

Temperature of the flame

The temperature of the flame and its characteristics can be modified by the passage of gas oxygen / hydrogen through the booster (as previously described). The chart below compares to a variety of solutions and effects on the temperature of the flame.
3300 °: Oxy-hydrogen water
2200 °: Methylated Spirit
1850 °: MEK (methyl ethyl Ketone)
1200 °: Acetone

The size of the flame

The size of the flame can be changed by simply changing the nozzle to suit the application. The valve located on the body of the torch has a function of power and not setting. The diagram below shows the maximum sizes of nozzles for the Micro-Flame.

Buses et Torche

The number is small, over the Buzzard is big on models: Hobby, 30.60.
Other models can use a classic torch such an oxygen acetylene.

Pièces de rechange et Entretien

The complete service facilities are available here. A full range of spare part is stored for all Hydro-Flammes models.


All Hydro Flames are manufactured according to our specifications and supplied by Hydrochalumeau with 12 months factory guarantee.
Delivery: You will be informed upon receipt of your order of the delivery week and the tracking number after shipping and this after the receipt of your payment. It is included in the charges handling, packing and shipping.

Torch Flam hHO

Practice Our Welding Torch And Welder In Water, It Is To Say By A High Efficiency Electrolysis Process.

ENERGY 100% economic. Water (H2O) 1 liter + Electricity produces 1860 liters of Gas named: HHO, Hydrogen.

Our hydrogen generators do not have gas storage, they are in immediate flow, you stopped the flame the generator stop. No risk of explosion.

Générateur Hybridconversions HHO