Automatic motor decalamin: Our equipment is equipped with an electronic management of volume of air generated this is not a hydrogen torch.

A concept developed in Europe for an international market.

For this new activity we are setting up a network of distributors of the System System decalamineur motor, and a reseller network to sell the service to their customer and develop a new customer base.

The technology of this machine decalamine all motors and intervene on:

Stainless Steel Valves
Cylinder head
EGR valve
(FAP) Particle Filter

2 technical issues

The Decalamine-motor has been developed and must therefore produce H2O at the request of the engine, and communicate to it the good physico-chemical properties to achieve the objective of descaling.

The technological choices are based on three axes:

• Live production, no storage for security reasons;

• No engine transformation;

• A real-time electronic adjustment linked to the intake of air, ie the volume generated, in order to favor the production of a gas hybrid h2o-diox, very rich in ortho-hydrogen.

Another crucial problem is the energy status of this h2o production. A gas produced by electrolysis of water. As such, it consumes electricity. By means of a joule effect, the reactor can thus be heated, the advanced technology here comes from the lowering of the required power level. So far, competing products have needed 15 to 30 Wh per liter h2o produced. The exclusive process used to lower this energy consumption to 3 to 4.5 Wh per liter produces and maintains a constant reactor temperature ie the h2o production chamber.

In addition, the heating of the reactor has been thoroughly investigated so as not to inject steam, even in small quantities (eliminate any risk of corrosion).

This machine descaler-motor is born from the integration of these two problems; Its advantages are as follows:

Compatible with gasoline, diesel, vegetable oil, LPG, BIO-ethanol;
No engine modification;
No gas storage;
Equipment of minimum size;
No hazardous gases when the vehicle is stopped;
Removal of unburned hydrocarbons (Calamine);
Gas produced from a small amount of water, of the order of 0.070 l water hour;
Hydroxygen gas autoproduced between 2.5amp to 3.5amp for 100,000cc / hho of hho.
Gas h2o-Diox 100% self-consumed without any polluting rejection;
Increased thermodynamic efficiency of combustion;
Enrichment technique for descaling h2o of thermal engines controlled by analogue oxygen probe (monitoring); EGR valve ; Particle filter (FAP); Catalyst.
Application of the original hho MotorFullPower process.

Decalamineur moteur HHO Atelier 220v-Monophasé


The operation of descaling an engine with this material takes only 50mn in curative treatment and 30mn in preventive.

Delivered with: 1 diffuser 30
Delivered with Crystals: "Electrolyte" EEC N ° 2151813
Voltage Required AC (V): 220v - 350W
Phase: Single Phase
Power Consumption (kW / h): 0.300
Max Gas Output: 100,000 cc / hr
Max. Pressure (kg / cm2): 1.2
Max. Water Consumption (L / h): 0.06
Water flows: manual
Max. Power Consumption (W / h): 0.05
Dimensions - W x H x H (mm): 200 x 480 x 430
Gross weight (kg): 10
Automatic vacuum management.
12 month warranty